Service Team Contacts

The Colorbiotics technical service program is a valuable resource for maintaining your equipment. We not only fix problems as they occur, but we make sure your machine is running as efficiently as possible. Our unsurpassed technical service includes the training, setup and fine-tuning of your machine. For help with your equipment, be sure to call your territory manager.

Service team
Our technical service professionals will be there from the beginning to make sure things go smoothly.

Service pros will:

  • Travel to wherever you are to keep your machine up and running
  • Customize your machine to fit the specific needs of your operation
  • Be readily available to answer questions.

Service trucks
Our trucks are ready to service your machines and keep them up and running.

Trucks have:

  • A 7,000-pound crane capable of lifting any component on our equipment.
  • Welders capable of both stick and wire feeds.
  • A plasma torch to cut through tough metal.
  • Enough space to hold at least one of every commonly used part along with all the necessary tools.
Randy Glover Colorant Systems Technician Cell: (515) 520-0145
Kenny VanDerPol Colorant Systems Coordinator Cell: (515) 450-7417
David Roller Colorant Systems Manager Cell: (574) 370-5482
Brent McKnight Colorant Systems Technician Cell: (515) 520-0981
Jerry Everett Business Technology Analyst Cell: (515) 450-6788

"I don't know of any other colorant equipment provider that even comes close to matching the level of service we receive from Colorbiotics. I am impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the staff, and appreciate their quick response."

– Tom Hahn, Homer Industries, Lockport, IL


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